RIOT001 AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Generation" (CD)

First A21 Records release - AMBASSADOR21 "Riot Generation" out now!
CD incl. new track "Riot Generation", new version of "Fuck All Systems" and remixes by THE DJ PRODUCER, THE OUTSIDE AGENCY, END.USER, THE TEKNOIST, STORMTROOPER, GORE TECH, TREPONEM PAL, XOTOX.

01. Riot Generation
02. Fuck All Systems 14
03. Fuck All Systems (Fuck Everything remix by THE DJ PRODUCER)
04. Riot Generation (remix by STORMTROOPER)
05. Fuck All Systems (remix by THE OUTSIDE AGENCY)
06. Riot Generation (remix by THE TEKNOIST)
07. Dope On (remix by END.USER)
08. Riot Generation (Delete The Elite mix by GORE TECH)
09. Dope On (remix by TREPONEM PAL)
10. Riot Generation (Minimal mix by XOTOX)

12"LP version out on Restroom Records on red transparent vinyl.

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